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Sexual Harassment in the Entertainment Industry

Do You Want Financial Compensation for Sexual Harassment in the Entertainment Industry?

Whistleblower Law Group sexual harassment lawyers help actors, actresses, recording artists, dancers, film and television production workers, writers, directors, producers and others in the United States entertainment industry protect their privacy and maximize their financial compensation.

Even the most prominent, high-profile Hollywood studios, agencies, and New York networks are subject to federal and state sexual harassment laws. Yet many studio executives, casting directors, motion picture directors, television producers, agents and music industry professionals continue to base jobs and promotions on willingness to tolerate sexual advances or otherwise subject their employees to a hostile work environment.

Our sexual harassment lawyers realize that confidentiality and privacy are paramount to protecting your rights and career in the entertainment industry. With over two decades of experience representing clients working in film, television and the music industry, we represent sexual harassment victims in lawsuits against the most powerful players and studios across the United States. 

To learn whether you could collect financial compensation for your sexual harassment case in the entertainment industry, connect with one of our sexual harassment lawyers today: 877.858.8018 or [hidden email].

How to Win Financial Compensation for Sexual Harassment in the Entertainment Industry

Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, sexual harassment a form of discrimination based on gender. When an employee of the motion picture, television or music industry experiences sexual harassment in the workplace - whether it is sexual harassment by an agent, another actor, production crew, record producer or director - that employee may file a lawsuit for damages.

The key to winning financial compensation after experiencing sexual harassment in the entertainment industry is hiring a hard-hitting sexual harassment  attorney who specializes in entertainment employment cases and has decades of experience winning verdicts and settlement negotiations against some of the most powerful companies.

Our experienced sexual harassment lawyers represent employees working in all areas of the entertainment industry, including:

  • Actors and actresses
  • Dancers
  • Extras
  • Singers
  • Musicians
  • Screenwriters
  • News anchors and reporters
  • Personal assistants
  • Reality TV and game show participants
  • Make-up artists
  • Costume designers
  • Photography, sound and digital production employees
  • Talent agency personnel
  • Film and television studio employees
  • Recording studio employees
  • Production company interns 

Whistleblower Law Group sexual harassment lawyers and investigators help you gather evidence showing that you have experienced unwelcome conduct that is frequent enough or severe enough to produce a hostile work environment. We pursue financial compensation for all types of sexual harassment cases, including harassment by contractors and third-party members.

Our experienced sexual harassment lawyers represent clients nationwide. We are ready to help you collect financial compensation for sexual  harassment: 877.858.8018 or [hidden email].

Why Do I Need an Experienced Entertainment Industry Sexual Harassment Lawyer?

In an industry that revolves around sexuality and gender, sexual harassment cases in the entertainment industry can be particularly complex and require extensive knowledge of the entertainment industry and employment law. Privacy and confidentiality are important to our clients who work in the public eye and whose reputation is vital to their career.

With over two decades working closely with entertainment industry professionals and our extensive understanding federal and state employment law, our sexual harassment lawyers have developed a unique strategy to ensure our clients receive the financial compensation they deserve while protecting their career and preserving their privacy.

If you work in the film, television or music industry and have experienced unwanted requests for sexual favors, sexual text messages, stalking, unwelcome sexual advances, offensive jokes, unauthorized release of photos or sexual internet content or other physical, verbal or online harassment of a sexual nature, our sexual harassment lawyers will help you:

  • Protect your privacy and discretion
  • Collect evidence to support your case
  • Investigate the circumstances surrounding your claims
  • Communicate with your employer about the sexual harassment
  • Negotiate a maximum settlement amount
  • Represent you in trial if your case requires

Whistleblower Law Group Maximizes Entertainment Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Payouts

Victims of sexual harassment in the entertainment industry are eligible to collect funds covering lost wages (past and future), medical costs, emotional distress, pain and suffering and attorneys’ fees and litigation costs.

In addition, if you were fired, threatened or otherwise discriminated against for voicing concerns about sexual harassment, our sexual harassment lawyers will help you win financial compensation for employer retaliation.

Don’t Wait! Secure Your Claim to Financial Compensation for Sexual Harassment Today

Victims of sexual harassment in the entertainment industry are subject to strict time limits. Contact a Whistleblower Law Group sexual harassment  lawyer as soon as you suspect sexual harassment so that we can help ensure you meet all deadlines that apply to your specific case.

For a free, confidential discussion about your case with one of our experienced sexual harassment lawyers, contact us today: 877.858.8018 or [hidden email].