Actress Paz De La Huerta is suing Harvey Weinstein and the Four Seasons Hotel for $60 Million

Actress Paz De La Huerta is suing Harvey Weinstein and the Four Seasons Hotel for $60 Million
Image by Thomas Hawk, Creative Commons

Almost a year after publicly accusing Harvey Weinstein, actress Paz De La Huerta has filed a civil suit against the former film producer and the Four Seasons Hotel. On Tuesday, November 13th, De La Huerta told California state court of how former film producer Harvey Weinstein raped and stalked her.

The suit against Weinstein and the Four Seasons Hotel was filed after the Manhattan District Attorney’s office declined to press charges. The complaint demands $60 million in damages, arguing that Weinstein cost De La Huerta her career in retaliation.

Weinstein is no stranger to these accusations, having been one of the primary catalysts of the #MeToo movement. Having been accused by more than 70 women, Weinstein has been indicted multiple times throughout 2018, on rape and sexual misconduct charges.

Paz De La Huerta was at the top of her game in 2010, when the first assault occurred. She had already appeared in multiple films and had a recurring role on “Boardwalk Empire.” The actress first met Weinstein when she was 14 and they worked together on some projects until she was 26, when the first rape occurred.

De La Huerta recounted the multiple rapes and stalker behavior Weinstein exhibited, as well as the threats made to her career. Weinstein would call her or wait for her in his car, outside of her building. The intimidation caused her to remain silent and compliant, and drove her to consume excessive amounts of alcohol.

De La Huerta attempted to confront Weinstein after an event at the Four Seasons Hotel, where he exposed himself and asked her to join him in a threesome. De La Huerta responded by rejecting him and leaving his room. Sometime later her role on “Boardwalk Empire” was terminated, allegedly in retaliation for her rejection.

With her career suffering, De La Huerta became very depressed. The trauma of the events with Weinstein left her feeling ashamed and fragile.

The lawsuit alleges that management at the Four Seasons hotel, where some of the events occurred, knew about Weinstein´s behavior, and has been a silent partner in the incidents. Since Weinstein stayed at the hotel often, the suit states that the Four Seasons Hotel received compensation for its discretion.

While a spokesperson for Weinstein dismissed the suit as coming from an actress with “an unstable personality with a vivid imagination,” in the light the multiple accusations against him, it’s safe to assume that De La Huerta is simply one more of the once admired producer’s countless victims.

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