Sexual Harassment – “We Take This Seriously” Or So They Say…

Sexual Harassment – “We Take This Seriously” Or So They Say…

The Baltimore Sun recently ran an op-ed called “’We take this very seriously’ and other cliches of the moment.” It’s true, those words have become a cliché.

Every time we file a lawsuit and that lawsuit gets press, the wrongdoers claim they take our client’s charges seriously. Sometimes very seriously. In fact, its not limited to sexual harassment. There is never an apology or acknowledgment of a charge of corporate wrongdoing without acknowledging how serious they take our client’s claims.

But do those words even mean anything?

Larry Nassar was accused of sexually assaulting hundreds of young women athletes, many while he was working at Michigan State University. He is presently serving between 140 and 360 years in prison. We would say the court took Larry seriously.

But what about Michigan State? They say they take the allegations seriously and even admit they were slow to act. If they were so serious, however, how was this allowed to happen to so many young women and kids?

When the Michigan Attorney General asked the university to waive attorney – client privilege and open up their files, the university’s board of trustee’s balked. That was on March 26, 2012, three years after Nassar was sent to prison. We still can’t get answers. It’s clear to us that they don’t take this seriously

In an open letter to Spartans, they said they wouldn’t open their files in the interest of protecting the victims but yes, they take this entire event very seriously and have taken steps to make the campus safer. (No one sought the names of the victims, just how the university allowed this to happen for so many years.)

The cases against Nassar and MSU were for sexual assault but we hear the same BS in sexual harassment cases. The company says they take sexual harassment seriously but often they punish the victim, not the offender. That is especially true if the offender is a top producer or manager.

If a manager is “disciplined” it often means going to a different shift or location where he can repeat the same bad conduct with new victims. Worse, sometimes the victim who did nothing wrong is forced to change her work location or hours.

We handle both sexual assault and sexual harassment cases. Sexual assault is criminal and victims can often get some justice if the offender is locked up or forced to register as a sex offender. Absent proper compensation, however, justice isn’t complete.

In sexual harassment cases, sometimes the only justice is compensation. When a company piously claims it is taking a victim’s allegations seriously but takes no action, the best way to get their attention is through their wallet.

Want to see managers, c-suite executives and board members really sit up and take notice? Get a 7 figure judgment from a jury. That’s where we can help.

Not every case results in a million dollar verdict or settlement, of course. But taking an employer, school, organization or even a place of worship to court lets them know YOU are taking the incident seriously. When you hire an experienced sexual harassment and sexual assault lawyer, that forces them to take your case seriously as well.

Corporate wrongdoers, media consultants and school spokespersons can say whatever they want to the press. We take real action and fight for real results.

To learn more about how to fight back and win, visit our sexual harassment FAQ page. We also have industry specific pages on our site too. Ready to see if you have a case? Contact us online, by email [hidden email] or by phone 888.249.6944.

*All inquiries kept strictly confidential. We consider cases nationwide. If we can’t help you, we often know an aggressive and well qualified lawyer who can.


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